Make Way For Ducklings

On my way to lunch today in Manhattan, I encountered this scene.  Ten little ducklings, making their way through the big city, accompanied by two loving supports.  All went well until they hit the intersection and found that Duckling #10 had lost their shoe.  This warmed my heart.


All of us start out as little ducklings in life.  We learn about how to interact and be with others, we learn how to love and accept love from others.  We start life with (hopefully) the kinds of loving guidance that will get us from Point A to Point B as easily as possible.  Interestingly enough, these tasks that we learn in childhood we often have to relearn as adults.  It's like we forget the basics and have to start over again.  


Fortunately, when we are able to relearn the lessons of connectedness and accept the love people have for us - it can change our lives in profound ways.  And it is as simple as being that duckling again - shoes optional!