Getting Emotionally Prepared For Having A Baby 

Within the next 12 weeks, I will be a Father for the first time.  My spouse and I are so excited about this and are experiencing all kinds of emotions - everything from anticipation to fear.  Our friends and family have been wonderful supports and we believe that our son, Steven, will enter this world with hope and optimism.


As a result of this pregnancy, I came to some realizations I wanted to share with my blog subscribers.  Emotionally I wanted to be prepared not only for Steven's arrival, but to provide as much positive influence as I could throughout his life.  How could I begin that process?


As we began to share news about the birth, I realized that there were several friendships and connections that I had not kept up with.  This often happens in life, especially when one moves away or leaves school or a job.  Many doors had been closed and our announcement made it possible to open those doors again with so many terrific people.  I learned that so many of my friends had indeed missed our friendship and it was wonderful to re-connect in this way.  The process also made me look at my own resentments and areas of misunderstanding so that I could free myself of emotional baggage.


I believe that children are natural sponges and pick up both the positive and negative aspects of their parents.  By working on my own baggage, especially prior to birth, it allows me to be as unencumbered as possible.  It's probably the best baby gift I could give to my son.