Color Me Hopeful

Something that we often take for granted is the power that color has in our lives.  Have you ever wondered why flowers are the vibrant colors they are?  Color is used by Nature to help birds and insects pollinate plants.  Some plants like orchids literally act as airport runways for traveling hummingbirds gathering nectar.


The use of color strongly impacts people as well.  You can find dozens of articles about the psychology of color and of course the advertising industry uses color in very clever ways to sell us products.  


Case in point - in my early twenties I had the opportunity to manage a homeless shelter.  The shelter had two dormitories (one for men and the other for women and small children).  The facility itself was a drab lifeless place, painted from top to bottom with institutional beige.  It was dreary and most unwelcoming.


One of the first things I did was to visit the local paint store.  I went looking for the brightest colors I could find.  I asked the residents to help me repaint the rooms with blue, orange-yellow, magenta and bright white for the woodwork.  House beautiful it was not, but almost instantly I noticed the differences in mood from those entering the shelter for the first time.  I also noticed that the colors lifted people's spirits including my own.  


How does color affect you personally?  What can you do to incorporate more of your favorite colors into your life?  Using more color is a simple and easy way to feel better.